A couple weeks back I attended the OCE Discovery Conference in Toronto, ON. I got to meet some great people with amazing ideas. After looking into some of their companies, here is a few that I would like to share.

Myo by Thalmiclabs ‘Your muscles talk, the Myo armband listens’

  • The Myo armband measures the electrical activity from your muscles to detect the movements using their proprietary EMG signals.
  • There are so many ways to utilize this device, from controlling a remote control car, plane, drone, etc., laptop or phone, to gaming, or even getting that perfect footage or shot.
  • Twitter: @thalmic

  • Jobpostings is a great place for students or recent graduates looking for a job, internship/co-op, or even volunteer. They provide career planning tips such as interview pointers, polishing your resume and cover letter, and financial advice.
  • Also offer JP TV, online, and a magazine, to stay connected and up-to-date.
  • Twitter: @jobpostingsca

Battlegrounds ‘The most advanced laser tag on the planet’

  • Smart laser tag, where even the playing field is wirelessly connected with the players guns and vests, thus the battlegrounds also interact with the players.
  • One of their many cool features is that you will feel the shots through the vest, using pulses. Keeping it unique and giving it a touch of paintball action.
  • Twitter: @BattlegroundsHQ

SparkGig ‘We are an online community for event organizers and talented performers’

  • As a performer, from violinists, to DJs and even magicians its a great place to find your next gig. Opportunity to meet other talented performers, build your own profile page, and connect with potential employers.
  • As an event organizer, whether privately or as a profession, find your performers in one place. Check out their portfolio and hire whom ever is suitable for you.
  • Twitter: @sparkgig

OMsignal ‘First ever collection of biometric sportswear’

  • A shirt that captures your electrocardiography, heart rate, and even workout activity. No longer need to walk around the gym with pen and paper!
  • Twitter: @OMsignal