Recently I got a Fitbit and I am in love with this little device. I don’t want to make this a review, but I have been getting a lot of feedback about how inaccurate fitness trackers are. I just wanted to share my experience after doing some tests, and that is the information it provided was impressively accurate, but more importantly it’s about the daily pattern/progression. Taking your daily steps for example, if one week you are averaging 5000 steps per day, then the following week you averaged 6000 per day, what ever the percentage of inaccuracy is, it is there everyday so you definitely have improved. So yes tracking for a day or two might not be helpful but in the long run it will be worth it.

So after using the Fitbit, and experimenting how it syncs with MyFitnessPal, I remembered my very first post, Spying Through Your Teeth. These trackers are able to log so much information, I have the Charge HR so it even tracks heart rate, but two things I wish it could track are my calories in, and water consumption. I currently set a silent alarm on my Fitbit for every 2 hours from when I wake up until I go to sleep to remind me to drink water. Since it already calculates your burned calories, it would easily be able to display your remaining calories for the day, which would save a lot of time instead of having to do it all manually. It would be amazing to see a company that is in the fitness tracking industry reach out to these researchers or implement their own way of adding these features, it would definitely be a game changer for said company.