Seeing that the company advertises their application for note-taking, I am excited to start using Evernote next semester in the classes where applicable. Classes, which the lecture contains more sentences than equations, diagrams, graphs, etc. I do see the use and power of Evernote for lecture notes, especially once experienced with points previously listed. Although it does have a disadvantage and it is the reason why I encourage people to try it out at the beginning of the semester. Is that it is very inconvenient to computerize your lecture notes mid semester. That is not to say it is a ‘flaw’, and wouldn’t be much of one if you take notes electronically. Realistically, it should not take long for you to decide whether your prefer it over your usual note taking technique; maybe one to two lectures. Consequently, making the switch back seamlessly easy.

Notebook sharing and Collaboration is another great feature. It is very easy to set up, and they didn’t forget to include the “view-only” option. Letting anyone who you share the notebook with, see simultaneous updates without any accidents. Although you do need to have a premium account to share but not view. I really think it should be a free feature, used to attract the customer and not as an upgrade. I still can not make the call weather it will replace my handwritten notes; Though for everyday use, I really see it replacing my stock notes application on my phone. Since Evernote does take care of the cloud storage aspect. I will no longer have to sync my notes with my google account, while still having access to my notes on nearly any device and a clean UI (user interface).

This was just a quick review, highlighting the main features I see useful and there are plenty more obviously; such as the Web Clipper. One thing I would like to see is a better Windows 7 UI. As mentioned before, Evernote does and should keep that reputation of simple to use; While still giving you the options to make it personal. Since after playing with it on Windows 7, Mac OS X and Linux Mint, through the client, Everpad, which was the most customizable. Windows was the least enjoyable and efficient, and this should be fixed. Yes the Windows 8 application is visually appealing, I am yet to try it, and many customers are still using Windows 7.