So the iOS 9 Public Beta was released on July 10, 2015. I am not sure if Apple has moved their focus to the Apple Watch, but AGAIN they have not made drastic changes to the aesthetics. Apple has always managed to keep each new OS simpler yet more elegant than the previous one. iOS 7,8 and 9, in general, have all looked the same. Over all I am not too impressed with iOS 9 (judging the beta).

Music App:
I have already written a review for the new music app, found here. I would like to add, when you plug in your headphones a music logo appears on the lock screen, similar to the camera’s, where you can drag up to go directly to the Music App. Also, this is most likely just a bug, but when headphones are plugged in, a secondary Music application appears in multi-tasking which takes precedence and always appears first.

Which brings us to the next point, multi-tasking, I am very disappointed in the new look, the new slider feels very congested, and you must slide BACKWARDS. Also the recent contacts at the top are now gone.

I am still baffled as to why they returned the left search screen when the drag down search is still available. I realize you can just click the home button, but I am old-school and still swipe to the left multiple times until I reach my home screen. Thus a few extra swipes might be included, bringing me to the search screen.

Notification Center:
On the bright side, the notification center has finally been updated so the user can ungroup the notifications. You no longer have to scroll searching for the more recent notifications. They have also implemented a quick return to the app you were using when you clicked the notification when it came in, this does not work if you drag down the notification center then select it.

BE WARNED: I DO NOT recommend downloading the beta, my experience has been very glitchy on top of my phone freezing multiple times a day. I most likely won’t get the OS X El Capitan beta since I am not willing to take the risk. If you do decide to get either one, please use the feedback app that you get and notify Apple of any bugs you encounter.