I have been using WordPress recently for a couple websites, including this one, and I would have to say the overall experience is enjoyable, and very simple to use. Recently switching over from Blogger.com, I most likely will never go back. WordPress’s user interface is much sleeker and visually appealing, it also provides the user with more tools, options, and plugins. However one thing that I did find more reliable with blogger.com is how the website adjusts to different screen sizes, including the ‘mobile-version’ of the site. While I was testing some of the themes for WordPress on different devices they did not always look as fitting, the most frustrating was different sized iPads and/or other tablets. This was easily fixed by modifying the theme’s code to my preference, despite not all themes were well documented, and it might not be so effortless for someone without the background.

So if you were thinking of starting a blog/website and were unsure which utility to use I would recommend WordPress. This might just be the engineer in me but make sure you test all aspects, and either apply the appropriate changes or select a new theme.