I needed to update my 2010 MacBook Pro, it was getting extremely slow, it got to the point where I was terrified of shutting down due to how long it would take to boot up. A few friends suggested I upgrade my Hard Disk Drive (HDD), to a Solid State Drive (SSD). After thorough research and contemplation I gave it a shot, worst case I’ll turn into an external storage. I decided to go with the Crucial M500, and I was blown away by the results, my MacBook felt as good as new. I have some numbers to prove it, the benchmark for the read and write speeds alone jumped from 56.4 mb/s and 20.9 mb/s to 309.5 mb/s and 222.6 mb/s. You can do a backup and restore so that you don’t lose any files or settings, but I personally decided to do a manual back up, selecting the important files, so that I could start fresh.

This won’t necessarily help in playing the latest game or doing some heavy video editing, but it will definitely bring your computer back to life. So if you have an older computer that you would like to keep, weather you don’t need the latest motherboard or processor, it’s just laying around and want to use it as an entrainment device for your TV, or even for sentimental reasons, I highly recommend upgrading to an SSD if does not already have one.

I currently don’t have any problems with my RAM, but if I see any good deals around I will be sure to upgrade that as well and keep you posted on how it goes.