The concept of the YotaPhone is unique and interesting. The idea is to have a phone with that beautiful display everyone is looking for; While giving the avid reader that E Ink display they cherish.



“It’s in the software department that the YotaPhone comes alive. This is also where it dies on its feet. ”

It is currently running its own customized version of Android 4.2, which is inconvenient to users having to switch to a different OS. Even though it is still Android, small changes can make a big difference. The YotaPhone uses its own e-Reader application, Bookmate, and the users that will be making the switch would love to see their typical app (eg. Kindle, Kobo, etc.)

As mentioned in the article, the technology found in the E Ink panel and the LCD is nothing special. Very similar to any other E-Reader or phone currently available if not slightly worse. The YotaPhone is obviously not ready for the market, and not only does it need software improvements, but it will also require some hardware ones. The phone will definitely need to become thinner, and even if it takes a couple more years, it would be cool to see both displays in one, not having to carry separate devices.